Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Price Skinny?

Bulimia.                      (ewwwww)
Anorexia..                   (btdt)
Diet pills.                (too jumpy)
The liquid diet.            (ick)
The fat flushing diet. (too bad it comes right back)
The Cabbage diet.       (skinny but friendless?)
The Fish diet.    (skinny and a brainiac... not likely)
Thermogenics              (getting warmer)
Slim-fast.                     (getting hungrier)
HCG...  Say what?                                                                      

Human Chorionic Growth Hormone...

HCG is now a weight loss product.

I mean it's a real one
Even Dr. Oz talked about it on his show.
He said it worked. 
He had no idea how or why, just that it had.

What is HCG
A hormone that is produced by pregnancy so the baby will grow. 

Who knew that un-pregnant people would lose weight if they took it? 
Who thought to try it?
On second thought, how do you get this hormone if you are not pregnant, or like, a boy?

Sometimes the leaps that scientific minds make to come up with solutions to the world's ills baffle and confuse me. 

And sometimes, I think that I'm better off just ignoring the world around me and moving to the beat of my very own drum, by myself, without any pregnant hormones to help me lose the weight...

What price is too much to pay for skinny-ness?

Anything that requires needles or patches or horse-pills, dehydrated foods or all liquid diets, prepackaged food that tastes like cardboard and costs as much as 2 weeks of family groceries...

Running, swimming, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking a gallon of water a day... 

They may not be fancy.
They are not expensive.
They certainly aren't glamorous.
But they sure do work.... 

when I actually get around to doing them that is!