Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Search for the Perfect Diet Food... or Not

Was watching a weird show while doing little things around the house this morning and stumbled across an interesting TV show on OWN...

My Strange Addiction is about some seriously unusual people.
The guy having a relationship with his car? Oh he is positively normal when compared to the guy with a life-size doll for a wife or the guy who eats glass.

Hold Up... I wonder what the Saturated fat and calorie count for glass is?

Does green glass taste different from blue or pink or yellow glass?
Does smokey glass actually have a smokey flavor?

Maybe this guy has stumbled upon a way to fill up without filling out?
I mean if you have a stomach full of glass I am pretty sure your digestive system is going to be too busy for you to feel hungry for food.

I wonder what kind of damage that does to your teeth... your dentist would love you for sure.

And so would the GI doc.
Can you imagine what glass shards in your esophagus and stomach would do to your insides?
Oh, but wait! There's more.
Mr. Glass-eater dude eats bullets too?
Never mind- I don't care how low the calories and fat content of glass are...
perforated intestines, infection and almost certain death are not worth it.

I mean, if I'm going to do something life threatening on purpose it's definitely going to have to be something that is a whole lot more fun... or tasty...
Like eating the world's largest Boston Cream donut.

I guess my quest for the perfect diet food does not stop at glass...
but will continue... with me reading the labels on everything before I eat it...
and searching The Food Network and The Cooking Channel for yummy low-fat recipes as I struggle to get to my weight loss goal...

or at least the next mini-goal... to weigh less than 200 pounds...
Which at 203 is within my grasp any day now!