Monday, March 3, 2014

When IS Enough...enough? ( And a RECIPE)

I  refuse to get on the scale until Saturday.

That is now my official weigh in day.


Because why on earth would I want to weigh in the day after the weekend???
Weekends are filled with Pizza and Ice Cream and Oreos ( we even had real ones!) and ...

Well, you get the picture, right?

So, instead I will weigh myself on Saturday mornings.
After a week of healthy eating and drinking the right amount of water and doing the exercises that I can do with only one arm...

Maybe then I will see a difference in not just my weight, but my attitude about my weight.

A change for the better...

Oh, and for those of you who do give up something for LENT...

I am giving up PIZZA and ICE CREAM...

Yep, last year I gave up everything white...
Potatoes, bread, rice, dairy...
So not ever doing that again!

I am also thinking about keeping a food diary...
I'll let you all know how that one goes!


We had these for dinner last night and they were yummy

I use corn tortillas for me but the kids use the flour ones... the small ones, not the huge ones!
1 bag pre-cooked grilled chicken strips...unbreaded people
taco seasoning-- about 2 tbs
salsa- about 1/2 cup---or you can throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes and chopped onions and cook until the tomatoes pop open and the onions are see through
Just throw all those things in a skillet and simmer until the meat is saturated with the seasoning...add a couple tbs of water to keep meat from drying out.

Now just build your fajita...
we used sour cream...but the low fat option is PLAIN GREEK YOGURT!
and lowfat shredded cheddar
and fresh shredded lettuce

and fold
and eat.