Monday, January 3, 2011

Mind that First Step... It's a Doozy!

Today is January 3, 2011.

Yes Sirree Bob! It's a new year and I think it's going to be a good one...
I hope.
At least I mean I think for me and mine it will be a good year...

To reach that end I have begun a new weight loss program, jumping in with both feet first!

No groaning allowed.... this one is different.

It's called Sensa and seems to be pretty idiot proof - so I should be able to stick to it, right?

I bought the product online at
There was a special trial offer so I thought to myself, "Self? What the heck!"

You get a starter kit with a 2-month supply of the Sensa tastants. From this point forward I will call them Sprinkles.

There are 2 containers of Sprinkles for each month. One for home and one for your purse, briefcase, coat pocket, whichever suits your life style so that you can take your Sensa with you where ever you roam.

There are 2 shakers on the container - one says SWEET, the other SALTY.
As you might imagine, you shake the SWEET on sweet foods and the SALTY on salty foods.
On all foods, all day, every day.

I started by reading the material enclosed in the kit. Weighed myself then got Mr. Me to take my BEFORE photo. I may, or may not, include it on this blog today... yes, it's just that awful!

My starting stats are as follows:
Age: 45 ( in 8 days)
Ht:  5-5.5 in
Wt: 216

Goal Wt: 145
Desired Time to goal: June 17, 2011 ( Me and Mr. Me's 15th wedding anniversary)

I logged onto the Sensa site and created my profile- the instructions were in the packet received and it was easy-peasy, a piece of cake!
Then I scouted out some of the forums and groups. Even joined one or 2.
Then I took advantage of the tools... meal planner, activity and fitness planner, journals and articles to set up a simple meal plan for this week starting with breakfast today.

I added and deleted a few things to fit what I like and what is currently in the fridgidaire and pantry and Voila'! I have a meal plan complete with the nutritional breakdown per meal item and per meal.
Only problem is... I need 1200-1700 calories per day with 35-ish grams of fat and my daily meal plan for today topped out at 950 calories and 25-ish grams of fat. Not so good since you have to eat enough to fuel your basic needs in order to keep your body from hoarding... you know for a rainy day or a famine or starvation diet.

My biggest problem is that I am never hungry so I am not sure how this Sensa program will work for me.

I mean, I was kicked out, well, asked to leave, Weight Watchers because I just never could make myself eat enough points to lose more than 9 pounds in 6 months so... I was not a very good example of their program at all.

But I will work with the meal planner to make meals that are appealing to me and meet my daily requirements. It just might take me a little while, a few days, weeks.... But I will prevail!

So begins my Journey to Me... the real me.
The one I see in my mind's eye.

Until then, please when you think of me, Color Me Thin....
preferrably with an Orange crayon.