Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sensa Day 10.... Feeling Thinnish?


No, that's not exactly true.
I am not counting the days on Sensa, but more like counting the days of increased water and decreased junk food consumption.

Which is pretty much what this is boiling down to.

I have been using my sprinkles on everything- even the butter cookies- that I have eaten over the last week and a half.

Yes, I said butter cookies.
And a piece of carrot cake on my birthday.
And a piece yesterday instead of dinner.

But I didn't skip dinner so much as I ate it at lunch instead so that I would not eat a heavy meal then head right to bed for an evening nap before work.

I have found that :
1)   I am much thirstier than I usually am in the middle of winter.
2)   I am craving fruit and veggies instead of breads and dairy products...very different for me I have to say.
3)   Some days I feel bloated but most days I feel 'thinnish'... and if it isn't a real word, it is now!

So, I will continue my Sprinkling ways and drinking Crystal Light and water...

And I'll let you know on Monday how I manage to resist the temptations of the weekend ...
Cake, cake and more cake are in my immediate future... but I will not give in !!!

Until next time...